Rosnef is on the most important russian company and be part of the top oil and gas companies.The main activities of companies are exploration and production of oil and hydrocarbons.
The company operate in vast area of Russian Federation like Western Siberia,Southern and Central Russia ,Timan-Penchora and the Far East.To expand his activites is involved in exploration activities in Kazaghtan,Algeria and the most important the rights to explore in Golf of Mexico.
On 6 March 2013 in Houston USA Neftegaz America Shelf an indirect subsidiary of Rosnef acquires 30 % interest in 20 deepwater exploration blocks in the Gulf of Mexico held by ExxonMobile.
According to a press release of Rosnef the 20 blocks have a total area of approximately 111,600 acres (450 kilometers ) in water depths ranging between 2100 and 2,070 meters .

The CEO of Rosnef Mrs Igor I Sechin said: ” This agrement provides Rosnef and its

subsidiaries acces to one of the world’s most prolific basins.

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